Testbed access

The testbed (sandbox) is an iso functional bed of the production, on which are provided all the stable versions of the developments.

  • Web: http://extranet-sandbox.nic.fr/
    For the testbed, the whole registrars have an account by default that enables to use the web, with their production login and password.
  • EPP : epp.sandbox.nic.fr
    The registrars can also open an EPP access by providing a certificate to your AFNIC customer manager, that will be used to authentify the access, as well as a NOC address for the test.

    - Registrar login :
    - The certificate must be provided (more informations about the certificate)

    In the last case, two user identifications for EPP tests will be generated and sent to the registrar.


Certificate required for EPP

According to RFC 4934, EPP TCP Transport, the EPP server will check that the EPP client certificate is recognized.

4 points to be noted before you send us your certificate:

  • We do not make case of the Issuer that delivers the certificate. This means that an auto-signed certificate is sufficient.
  • The subject of the certificate is not verified, but it would be best they remained reasonable as we log connexions and theirauthors. We will probably have to refuse certificates with far-fetched subjects.We need to see the registrar name in the subject [/edit]
  • The validity period of the certificate must be correct.
  • We do not consult the Certificate Revocation Lists.